EDUCATION: Formed in His Communion

Age Groups and Staff


Director: Christie Cooper
Assistant Director: Elizabeth Wise

3-4 Year Olds: Turtles

2-3 Year Olds: Butterflies

1-2 Year Olds: Teddy Bears

1 Year Olds: Kittens 

6 Months-1 Year Olds: Puppies

6 Weeks-6 Months: Guppies



Patty Davila, Lori Miller, Wendy Creger, Angie Creger, Pam Gouldman, Ruth Lima, LaVita Hawkins, Liz Bell, Barbara O'Hare, Dottie Priest, Lakisha Neal, Rachel Reynolds, Antoinette Brown, Tiffani Alexander, Alex Peters, Taylor Allen, Jaime Johnson, Debbie McClellan, Tiffany Holloway, Tori Martin, Danielle Lawrence, Carly Morrissette, Nekisha Williams, Maureen Kenny, Gennie Griggs, Betty Brown, Grace Poley


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